Your warehouse needs special attention as all the goods are stored there. Isn’t it a hectic task to keep a check on Inventory manually?

Coronavirus introduces us all to circumstances where we might not have a workforce at our workplace. In that case how will you manually keep a track on your inventory?

Recording the movement of goods manually is not only tedious but also very time consuming & unnecessary. Whereas ArtZero Warehouse will make items available quickly to prevent production stopping and guarantee fast delivery.

What will we do for you?

Create purchase orders, track materials, and maintain vendor details on the fly.
Easier & Simpler Branch management.
Tracking sales performance accurately.
keeping a check on consumption to alert you in advance for reordering.
Keep a track of all your location and branch wise inventory, closing stock with value.
Let the system apply correct GST rates for you on your sale, purchase.
Product wise bifurcation of raw materials, semi finished & finished goods.
Maintain a record of all your customers along with their payment terms.
Keep a record of all your vendors and set the threshold price against each item for better control over purchases.
We take care of timeliness, accuracy & efficiency at a reasonable price.
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