In this era, where almost every problem of your life has got one or other digital solution. Then why not give your lab Digital solution in coming future regarding:

Providing primary diagnosis of illness
Analyze and read data to figure out the links between treatments and medical tests.
Means to get in touch with other labs and patients easily and directly.
Removing geographical limits.

It’s High Time!
You need to Speed up your HealthCare Practices.
We know running a Lab is not an easy task.
From patient registration, their basic details name, age, medical test type,
to a whole bunch of other medical formalities,
It is far beyond than an ordinary task.

Where many pathologists are doing it all manually, allow us to introduce you to paperless operations that too at affordable pricing which will eventually boost your productivity, efficiency & ofcourse revenue.

Let’s get a quick glance of how this software will assist you?

Manage Lab Tests
Pathology Software allows machine integration that all equipment can be connected to manage online lab test reports. All it does lab workflow management, including sample & reports collection.
Imaging & Diagnostics
This is another brilliant feature for adding an image or radiology reports by using canned report formats. Pathologist finds ease and comfort by using such efficient services.
Electronic Medical Records
These are digital records completely paperless for pathologists & patients. EMR records are generally patients' medical test reports, diagnosis, treatment and medical history. It helps to get instant access to the overall medical reports of any patient anytime.
Appointment Management
Online appointment management is another rich feature to empower your healthcare practices with fewer efforts. A pathologist can manage appointment scheduling online to reduce the crowd at the lab.
Invoice & Billing
Diagnostic lab after taking a sample when delivering medical test reports give you the count of the total money, this is billed. It is auto-generated that makes your work easier and faster without any interruptions.
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