Magazine & Book Design

One should not judge a book by it’s cover but still we do. You will not pick a book with dull cover until you know the content.

Book/Magazine Cover is the first thing a reader notice subconsciously. A cover should be designed in a way that it communicates the idea of book. Only a professional designer can understand & give your book wings through a creative & unique Cover.

Although many books are hitting the market a striking cover can make the difference between a hit and a flop, making experienced book cover designers in this field highly sought-after. Your cover must give away just enough to persuade the reader, and capture the story inside, without revealing too much.

Book cover design must communicate that the pages within are worth a buyer’s time and attention. Be it your book as a writer or your business magazine, you should not consider cover design as a “DIY” project.

Why Do You need to hire ArTZero ?

We not only create the right cover for your book but also understands how the cover plays a role in marketing your book.
We will provide the guidance & constructive advice you need to develop a cover that will stand out and attract readers.
We take enough time to get to know you and your book before coming up with a design by asking questions to get a clear understanding of what your vision is and incorporate this into cover design.
We produce exceptional results while keeping your best interests in mind.
We will revise the design until you are truly happy with the results.

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