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For every fitness facility, members should always come first. With this, it’s important that you have a system in place that allows you to engage with your members while providing exceptional customer service. Effective fitness management software should be able to facilitate the selling of multiple memberships under the same profile, give users the ability to customize memberships, and more.
Being able to track attendance is also important, since it can provide you with valuable information like reasons for cancellations. With effective membership management and tracking, you’ll be able to increase member retention rates and reduce cancellations.

Your members should also be able to self-check-in, providing them with the convenience to do so anywhere, anytime. Fitness management software that can make all the difference for your facility should have an option that allows members to instantly register and pay for classes (private or otherwise) and drop-ins using any device.

While memberships are very important, online sales can help bring your fitness facility to new heights. You should look for a fitness management software that allows you to boost sales with a fast, secure, and mobile-friendly online store. It will help you to track inventory, manage purchase history, and help with re-ordering.

The app lets you simplify and secure your entire billing process, and get payments on time, stress-free. Send automated reminders to ensure members pay promptly, and get notified if anyone misses a payment.

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