ArtZero College is a software by the team of ArtZero to automate the education system.
It is easy to use software prepared with an objective to digitalize the colleges. The school staff can easily operate on this and can manage everything online. It is one of the best college management software. This software is designed with a view to bring all the college processes online.

Are you wasting your extra efforts in understanding complex software?

Is your productivity being suffered?

Are you finding it hard to implement software?

Allow us to resolve your software related issue.

We design the software as closely as possible keeping in mind the challenges faced by you daily.

We understand that every college operates differently therefore we provide customized software.

Admissions, enrolment, administration, examination, etc. are some of the common activities which go on in any college. But the pattern varies hugely, this is where a customized software is required.

How ArtZero College will help in Enhancing your Productivity & Learning

Classrooms now have evolved to become digital classrooms. 

But what is the use of technology if it cannot give you enough flexibility to carry out a task with ease in the way you want to execute it?

Every classroom is unique and so should the digital classrooms be. With its own specific procedures, and schedule customized for every College. This will help them immensely in

Tracking each student's attendance
Tracking Staff’s attendance.
Smoothly managing college management.
Monitoring class wise, section wise, student wise growth.
Keeping check on Fees received, salary paid to staff & other operational expenses made by Institution.

Hence by making smart use of various graphical reports generated by customized dashboards, college can make better, precise and timely decisions

Why ArTZero College

Saves considerable time

Provides custom made tools

Generates user defined reports

Increases productivity

Reduces expenditure

Facilitates smooth operation

Improves user cooperation

Makes a smooth transition to ERP

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